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Hartridge follows a controlled enrollment plan. The applications for 2023 2024 and 2024 2025 are  located below.   When the number of applicants we receive for a grade/class/program exceeds the number of openings we have, a random drawing is held - first from those who apply during our open enrollment period and then the remaining applicants in the waiting pool.  Applications are discarded at the end of each school year for the current school year.  Enrollment applications received outside of the announced open enrollment are not in the same waiting pool. Those received timely are served first.

Hartridge Academy has a nondiscrimination policy and is an equal opportunity school for students and employees. Hartridge does not racially discriminate in any way including with respect to students, employees, or applicants for enrollment or employment. 


CLICK HERE  for 2023 2024 Waiting Pool Application

CLICK HERE for 2024 2025 Open Enrollment Application

HB 7069:



p. 6 – “authorizing a charter school to be exempt from provisions relating to controlled open enrollment under certain circumstances;”


p. 121 (10) ELIGIBLE STUDENTS.—  (a) A charter school may be exempt from the requirements of s. 1002.31 if the school is shall be open to any student  covered in an interdistrict agreement and any student residing in the school district in which the charter school is located.;

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