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Phone number: (863) 956-4434  Debra Richards, Executive Director & Principal


Parental Involvement Representative: Debra Richards, M.Ed from Stetson University,has also been appointed by the board to be the parent representative to facilitate parental involvement, provide access to information, assist parents and others with questions and concerns, and resolve disputes. She can be reached at 863-956-4434, by mail at 1400 US 92 West, Winter Haven, FL 33881, and by email at Please type in capital letters the word PARENT in the email subject box so that we can make our response to you a priority.

Pursuant to Florida Statute 119.12(2) the contact information for Hartridge Academy's custodian of public records is also Debra Richards at,  phone 863-956-4434.  The primary address of  Hartridge Academy where records are routinely created, sent, received, maintained, and requested is 1400 US 92 West, Winter Haven FL 33881 

 According to Rule 6A  1.0955 effective 11/22/22, schools must list processes on their website outlining procedures for families to request education records of their former students including naming any third party education service that the student is required to use, information that may be collected, how it will be used, when it will be destroyed and the terms of re-disclosure. 

 Processes / Procedures to request education records of former students:

1. Contact Hartridge's custodian of student records at with: A.Former Student in the subject line B. Student's name as shown on birth certificate at time of attending Hartridge C. Student's date of birth. 

2. Await Hartridge's confirmation that child was indeed a former student and whether records are here or were required to be forwarded elsewhere. A. If the student enrolled in a Polk County School District school after leaving Hartridge, you may contact the district school board office  at 863-534-0500 to request the records from them. B. If records are here, you will be asked to provide a preferred method of receiving the records. 

Hartridge does not use a third party for record storage.   

(Amendment to Rule 6A-1.0955) The purpose of this amendment is to protect student privacy, health records, educational records and even safety when students are required to use online educational services or when districts contract with third party vendors or service providers. The rule also gives direction concerning retention and transfer of threat assessment records. This rule will strengthen the privacy and rights of students and safeguard their educational records in accordance with state and federal law.

Mail and Physical Address:

1400 Us Highway 92 West
Winter Haven, FL 33881


APPLICATIONS for SCHOOL YEAR 2024 2025 are online and accepted all year. Applications are accepted via USPO MAIL ONLY.   Applications for 2024 2025 will be available October 2024. A random drawing for available spaces will be held from those postmarked by the due date on the application.  Remaining applications and those applying after the due date will remain in our waiting pool until the school year ends in the event that we have new openings.  A new application is required annually until a student is enrolled. 

Hartridge Academy governing board meetings: 

If minutes are not linked to the date, please continue scrolling past the date 

August 23, 2013 November 29, 2013 February 21, 2014 May 28, 2014

2014 August 15; 2014 November 7;   2015 February 20; 2015 May 29; 2015 August 14; 2015 November 06; 2016 February 19; 2016 May 27  

2016/2017 School Year   Special Meeting August 8, 2016  1:30 pm announcement   August 8, 2016  August 26, 2016     November 4, 2016    February 3, 2017        May 5,  2017    May 5 Audit Committee   


AUG 4 2017.pdf    November  3, 2017   February 2, 2018   May 4, 2018    July 5, 2018  October 5, 2018 (3:00 Citizens Bank Auburndale) January 4, 2019    April 5, 2019  June 14, 2019


September 10, 2019December 10, 2019; March 10, 2020; June 10, 2020; September 9, 2020, Sept 16 2020, December 9, 2020; March 10, 2021, May 20 Special Board Meeting for TSIA approval and budget amendment approval,  and June 9, 2021 includes election of officers and  annual Audit Committee.   2021 2022  August 2, 2021 11a.m;  November 30, 2021 February 2, 2022; and May 2, 2022 (moved to June 22 and includes the election of officers and annual Audit Committee meeting). Sept 14, 2022; October 17, 2022; Dec 14, 2022; March 08, 2023; April 25, 2023;  June 28, 2023 Annual Meeting -Election of Officers and Audit Committee meeting to follow. Sept  6 2023;  Sept 20 2023; Dec 6, 2023 rescheduled to Dec 12, 2023;  Mar 5, 2024;  June 5, June 28 - 2024 Annual Meeting and Election of Officers, Audit Committee meeting to follow


Meetings are scheduled to be held at the school at 7:00 a.m. unless otherwise noted at the front doorstep or noted on the above schedule.   

To be added to the meeting agenda, please contact the school via the Parent Involvement Contact at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. Anyone not on the agenda will be given three minutes to speak. 

Board Members - 863-956-4434

Sherry Kelley (Pres.), Juan A Lopez, and Lisa Street (Sec).

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