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The privacy and safety of Hartridge students and staff is highly valued and respected. Therefore, you will not find pictures, names, announcements of field trips, school newsletters, or maps on this site. Students' families have individual personalized agendas and correspondence for 24 hour access and school communication. The sole purpose of this website is to provide the minimum information required for public viewing and consideration when seeking a school of choice or opportunities to serve our school.

2024 School of Excellence by State of Florida !


#1 Elementary School in Polk County

#17 Elementary School in Florida

                                                                                           click here for article!


                                                                                     GRADE " A"  SCHOOL

                                         "High-Performing Charter 2022 2023" status by Florida Dept of Education




HARTRIDGE ACADEMY 's  2023 and 2024  FSA percentages of students earning Level 3 and above surpassed the district and state averages.  Details are available at regarding all Polk County public schools including Hartridge.  


SEE ENROLLMENT tab above for 2023 2024 and 2024 2025 Open Enrollment Lottery Applications

It is not too late to enter our 2023-2024 waiting pool!  If we have available spaces to fill through January 2024, names will be randomly selected from our waiting pool. 



Congratulations to Hartridge students and staff as we've completed our 22nd year of academic success as a parental choice in free public education for Polk County families!   The continued success of our former students is the most authentic and consistent evidence of our popular award winning program. For those who choose to measure schools by a school grade instead, Hartridge has been awarded an "A" most years and is currently an "A" school.

    Despite a waiting pool of applicants, we choose to remain a small school.  Our current enrollment is intentionally smaller this year as we have an increase in number of new students with exceptional needs and limited English.  We also have many stundets who need extra  tecaher attention to close the learning gap experiened by so many during the pandemic.  The benefits of each staff member knowing all children has proven to be a strong ingredient for student success and safety.  Our scheduling for one on one time for each family throughout the year strengthens the learning process as well as the home to school relationship. 


Hartridge Academy is an elementary school (K-5) with: 

Traditional academic subjects,  services for Gifted students, Multi-Grade Combination Classes, Accelerated Curriculum Classes, ESE inclusion, Single Gender Class opportunities (when available), Distant Education when school is unexpectedly closed, such as during a pandemic. 


VPK (preschool) & AFTERSCHOOL :

As a member of Florida's FREE education system, we assist families with placements in preschool, ESE services, summer programs, and afterschool programs elsewhere when/if  not available onsite. Transportation on our public school bus is provided to several locations for our elementary students including after school childcare centers including the Boys & Girls Club, depending on each year's students' needs and busing availability.  

Interested in entering your child in our lottery or waiting pool? Select the Enrollment tab for applications for our waiting pool. 

2024-25: Hartridge has received notice that it will receive a portion of federal Title 1 funding to

provide additional services for our students, staff, and program.  

ALL students are eligible to order FREE breakfast and lunch during our morning attendance. It is prepared by the PCSB and delivered to the school at mealtime, thus none on hand for late arrivals. Parents may also pack lunches. 

The following are available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole : 

School Public Accountability Plan (SPAR)    School Improvement Plan (SIP)

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