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Hartridge Academy


Parent Feedback reposted from independent school review site greatschools.com

My daughter has learned so much in so little time since beginning last summer with (the private free preschool on site)  VPK program First Academy and continuing with kindergarten at Hartridge Elementary. The teachers and staff are all outstanding and  recommended by myself for anyone looking for the best education experience for their children. The classes are small and more attention is given individually to each student. Free tutoring is given once a week . I wish I had this opportunity when I was a child! 
—Submitted by a parent

My son went to Hartridge K to 5th grade. It was such a wonderful experience for him. He is in 6th grade now and still misses his old teacher Mrs. Perez! Mrs. Perez, you are an amazing teacher! Keep doing what you are doing!! I would recommend this school to any of my friends and family members.
—Submitted by a parent


My child is above average in reading as well as other areas. At other schools she was told not to raise her hand to answer questions because she always knew the answer. They more or less put her in a corner. At Hartridge they let her excell at her own pace and really challange her to do better. The staff at this school is so wonderful, they really care about my child's education. I can't say enough about this school, it is great! I am so thankful that I am able to put my child in this school. Thank you Mrs. Debra!
—Submitted by Drema, a parent




  My son has learned so much since he's been to this school. He has asthma and on his sick days he's begging me to let him attend school. The teachers and staff are outstanding. He loves his teacher Mrs.  Meyers. I highly recommend Hartridge Academy.
—Submitted by a parent


A parents' response to a comment about communication: 

Families receive a daily communication agenda and free weekly private tutoring with their child's teacher so there is no excuse for a family to not have frequent communication with the school. Many parents choose this school because of the strict privacy and safety policies thus volunteering is not allowed inside the classroom during teaching time. Also second hand smoke and fragrances on parents causes a health problem for some students. Parents do volunteer by performing services for the school but without being in the classroom where every child's privacy is respected and protected. This is rare in most schools but certainly not odd - it is appreciated by most parents who do not want non-teachers to sit in children's classrooms as they are learning. I do not want nonstaff in my child's personal or school business as they were daily at my child's previous school. 
—Submitted by a parent


I am honored to have my child attend Hartridge Academy .The kids are well behaved and the teachers are friendly ,loving, and kind. It is a blessing.
—Submitted by a parent