Hartridge Academy



Hartridge has been awarded an "A" most years. Hartridge Elementary is very proud of its students' performance on the State of Florida required tests.  The average score of our students remain among the highest in the district and state. This year (2018), 100% of our 3rd grade students passed the FSA ELA (reading) test. Despite this, the current Florida school grade calculation is based primarily on gains from one year to the next year - not on scores. This allows F and D schools an opportunity to earn a higher school grade when low performing scores are higher than the previous year despite being below average. Our above average student performance has little room for gains. Also, some of our students do not have a score. We plan to appeal this year's school grade which does not reflect our students' achievements which substantially exceeds that of neighboring district schools. 

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Florida Department of Education school/district/state public accountability report. 

   "A"  School Grade 2015; 2014; 2013; 2012;  2011;   B 2016:17   2018 Appeal C planned