Hartridge Academy


Annual Independent Audit
Bids for Services and Teacher Resumes 

Hartridge Academy is not associated with management companies or education management corporations. We contract licensed and insured professionals for student therapy services, health services, bus inspections, independent audits, and janitorial/maintenance services. Bids for services are accepted through March 1 for the following school year. 

Teacher resumes are accepted all year. Now interviewing for elementary teachers and support personnel.

Now through August 31, 2017 we are accepting quotes for janitorial services, yard services, and construction of a covered PE area. 

Use of Your Tax Dollars and Other Funds

    95% -100% of the local, state, and private funds that Hartridge receives stays with the school for use via the board approved annual budget. 5% of most total funding is held at the district level for services for which Hartridge appreciates receiving for the students. We are proud to report that NONE of our funding is spent on a management company. 

Annual Budget


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